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Generational Strategies Group, LLC Helps You Pass the Torch

Our ample experience in estate planning have given us an in-depth understanding that while financial assets are important, it’s also essential you pass on your family’s stories, values, traditions, and life lessons. Generational Strategies Group’s estate planning professionals work to ensure our clients and their families don’t lose these valuable elements that account for their past, current, and future successes and identities. The Allianz Company conducted a study in 2012 that found Baby Boomers felt a familial inheritance was more important than a financial inheritance. 86% of these Boomers and their parents rated values and life lessons as the most important legacy to leave or receive. In contrast, a mere 10% stated financial assets and real estate were an important inheritance. Our firm is well versed in the value of a family’s financial and intrinsic assets. We perform estate planning with an emphasis to ensure both pass on to current and future generations.

Common Questions We Get About Estate Planning

Generational Strategies Group receives a wide array of questions about wills and estate planning. Many families do not fully understand what this service entails or the details pertaining to steps of the process, such as asset distribution. We make educating our clients about our services and how they apply to their legacies and hard-earned assets a top priority. Understanding the process is essential to make the best possible choices for your business, family, properties, and financial preservation. The following are answers to a few of the most common questions we answer for our clients:

What Is Included in Estate Planning?
In estate planning, we determine how our client’s assets will be managed, preserved, and distributed upon their passing. Assets can include anything making up an individual’s estate, such as life insurance, stocks, bonds, houses, cars, artwork, and any debt they leave behind.

Is Estate Planning the Same as a Will?
Wills are an important tool in estate planning, but they don’t account for the entire planning process. A will includes where your assets will go when you die and whom you wish to serve as guardians of your minor children. An estate plan is much more comprehensive and involves documents that remain effective while you’re alive and documents that become effective when you die.

A basic estate plan should include a pour-over will, a revocable living trust, a power of attorney for financial matters, a power of attorney for health care, and for taxable estates, an irrevocable trust.

What Can an Estate Planning Attorney Do?
For a fee, an estate planning attorney can help you create binding legal documents like wills, trusts, and durable power of attorney. You can also employ them to help you maintain your estate, act on your behalf when called upon to handle disputes, and ensure your will is carried out. We understand the state and federal laws impacting your estate and can ensure your estate planning process goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact Us for Legal Help in Naples & Ft. Myers, FL

Most advisors approach estate planning focused entirely on a financial perspective, asking about your net worth, how much to pass on to your children, and how to minimize your estate taxes. Answering these questions is an essential part of estate planning, but it’s not a complete picture. Generational Strategies Group’s decades of experience have taught us planning for your money’s future isn’t the same as planning for your family’s future. We can start your family’s journey to keep your wealth and unity intact for generations to come. Contact us today to get our professional help with estate planning.