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Life Insurance is the No. 1 Used Estate Planning Tool

By modestly repositioning assets through lifetime gifting, you can create significant money outside of your estate by the purchase of life insurance. Life Insurance can be used to pay estate tax, equalize inheritance between family members, pay final expenses, and most importantly, create additional wealth tax free. It’s the only asset class in the Internal Revenue Code where death eliminates the tax.

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Pass on Your Wealth

If you’ve done well financially and you want to pass on your life’s work to your family, the most efficient estate plan strategy can be life insurance. By leveraging annual lifetime gifting into a Trust for your children and grandchildren, you create enormous wealth that can be perpetuated for generations, income, gift & estate tax free. An Insurance Trust, if properly drafted can go on for 360 years in Florida without being subject to a wealth transfer tax.

By creating a life insurance program, you can guarantee delivery of your wealth to your family, income and estate tax free. Don’t run the risk of losing up to half your life’s work to estate taxes when you can pay that tax for pennies on the dollar through a properly structured life insurance program.

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