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Tax Deferral & Asset Protection for High Wealth Clients

At Generational Strategies Group, LLC, we take pride in offering clients cutting-edge, innovative strategies, ensuring their finances, businesses, properties, and other assets stay intact. We preserve and protect each client’s current and future wealth with effective methods like tax deferral and asset protection in Naples and Ft. Myers, FL. By maintaining close relationships with tax and corporate professionals, we can assist our clients with sound tax information and advice regarding high-wealth individuals, small businesses, nonprofit entities, and major regional or national corporations. Clients get access to unrivaled financial expertise with our relationships with tax professionals, ensuring they have the resources they need to handle a wide array of matters, including proceedings and negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We can help clients from a corporate and tax perspective through our relationships with top mergers and acquisitions firms.

Key Aspects of Tax Deferral & Asset Protection to Consider

There are many aspects to asset protection planning. For some persons, asset protection planning can be as simple as relying on state and federal laws that protect certain assets. For others, asset protection planning might involve transferring assets to family members to protect them from creditors. Yet for others, such planning may result in establishing asset protection trusts or captive insurance companies. What level of asset protection planning is recommended will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of the potential debtor’s assets, his/ her family situation, state of domicile, the degree of exposure to potential claims, and the ability (if any) to adequately insure against potential claims

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Incorporation Asset Protection Into Estate Planning

Clients stay aware of how they can best protect their business and personal assets with Generational Strategies Group’s wealth of creative strategies and solutions. We understand how complex the process can be to ensure maximum asset protection, trust options, and other strategies while following state and federal laws. Our asset protection attorneys use proven legal techniques to safeguard your finances, business interests, and other assets you hold, such as limited liability companies, limited family partnerships, and equity stripping or domestic asset-protection trusts. Many of our clients wonder what asset protection is, and we assure them it’s a strategic approach to financial planning to protect your wealth from creditors’ claims, taxes, and other means of collecting from your assets.

Opportunities to Effectively Safeguard Your Wealth

As an experienced estate planning and asset protection firm, we have an in-depth understanding of how to preserve our high-wealth clients’ assets, whether they include businesses, properties, stocks, or other valuable holdings. Our clients’ estate planning needs can be simple and straightforward or extremely complex. We offer impressive solutions and strategies with customized plans to address each client’s unique goals. Our ultimate goals are protecting our client’s wealth, planning for the unknown, and avoiding probate, assuring their affairs are in order. Clients receive guidance from our planning advisors and consultants on a broad range of concerns through various legal services. We offer the following solutions:

  • Planning for Charitable Giving
  • Administrations of Large Estates and Trusts
  • Assistance With Estate Planning and Related Tax Issues
  • Gift, Estate, and Personal Income Tax Planning
  • Administration of Trusts and Decedents’ Estates

Business Succession Planning

This service involves creating a strategy to pass on ownership or leadership roles in a company to one employee or a group of employees. Another term for business succession planning is replacement planning, and it ensures a business continues its operation and runs smoothly after the most important company members retire, pass away, or move on to other opportunities. Generational Strategies Group has ample experience helping clients pass their businesses on to new leaders and owners while preserving their personal and professional assets.

Asset Protection

In asset protection, we help clients adopt strategies to guard their wealth against taxes, creditors, and other threats to their bottom line. We offer this service to protect individuals and business entities with techniques customized to limit creditors’ access to their valuable assets. Our attorneys are proficient in planning and executing asset protection strategies that safeguard assets and preserve wealth while staying within the bounds of debtor-creditor law to ensure the best results without taking risks.

Contact Us for Financial Help in Naples & Ft. Myers, FL

Tax deferral and asset protection are two services Generational Strategies Group specializes in for high-wealth clients throughout Naples and Ft. Myers, FL. Our extensive training and expertise have shaped our skills at creating custom strategies in estate planning, trusts, wills, and protecting businesses, properties, financial holdings, and other forms of wealth now and in the future. You want your assets to stay intact for generations, and we can help you preserve them and pass them on to family and other recipients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can guard your wealth and schedule a consultation with our attorneys.

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